Baroque Mitolilo
(Tom Chiponge)


Born on 10 March in Lusaka, Baroque Mitolilo (Real name Tom Chiponge) began his musical journey during his teenage days while still in high school.

He is a certified musician by the royal examinations board in England (ABRSM), a diploma holder in Public Relations and Journalism, and a degree in Communications.

Today, he has taken his musical career a step further by recording and producing his first-ever album ‘Mango Yamene’ and is collaborating with skilled musicians on new records.

Baroque Mitolilo’s musical inspiration comes from Manu Dibango’s Soul Makossa, Sokosoulo Bantu Roots, his wife Josephine K. Chiponge, and friends (Nawa, Clark, Mubu…) who nicknamed him Baroque later in the days.

He has since developed his own creative style. Some regard Baroque Mitolilo as a Zambian pioneer and inspiration in Mitolilo (blowing instruments.)

Baroque Mitolilo majors in vocal and woodwind instrumentation currently playing the Clarinet, Alto, and Tenor Saxophone. As a professional musician, he is certified in Theory and performance with ABRSM.

As a Mitolilo artist, he continues to make strides in developing the real Zambian sound.

His creative support for Zambian Culture and traditions is evident in his debut album release; “Mango Yamene”. In the project, he features an iconic lineup of artists like Sokosoulo, Sia the Piper, Nyawa KC, and Mubuyaeta bringing a new twist in Zambian Music.

The title of this great Album project is a coined expression that describes something that is extraordinary and aspiring towards an individual’s dream.

Featured works

Baroque during the last 10 years has performed and featured in various operas, theaters, concerts, and films. Listed are the top appearances and participation.


Damyna the Musical

The Borderline

Musical Theaters

Damyna Damyna the Opera and The Legend of Konga Mato Opera by Dr. Peter Langmead – Lusaka Playhouse.

The Magic Fluent Opera Lusaka – by Theo Bross


Zambezi Music Festival launch of Mango Yamene album 2020, Titan Global Convention TGC performance in Kenya 2011, Lusaka musical festival with Vox Zambezi.

The Kanons concerts – 2011 Alliance Francaise Lusaka, 2014 St. Columbus Lusaka and 2016 UNZA Chapel.

The sound of Zambia