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Mango Yamene

2Mu Chi Munzi
3A song to Mum
5Under the Mango Tree
7Mango Yamene

Baroque Mitolilo’s debut album ‘Mango Yamene’ is a representation of Zambian Culture and life.

The album features a selection of Zambia’s talented professional musicians that will take you on an experience into Zambian tradition and culture in the style of Traditional Jazz, Blues, and Folk.

We all have something that we love and cherish. Mango Yamene is that expression you get for experiencing or doing something you like or dream to do. When you find that thing you dream of or want to do “That’s your Mango Yamene.”

Producer: Tom Chiponge

Mixed & Mastered By Sir Drex at H.O.D

Mitolilo ©2020