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January 21, 2020

Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story Film Soundtrack Concert

The Maria Kristu live music listening event by Mitolilo at Alliance Française de Lusaka.

In our quest to bring diversity to the art industry we continue to create and collaborate with our fellow artists to grow and produce art that will in the near future represent us well and tell our Zambian stories. It is undeniable: there is great power in a great story. Whether we encounter them in books, newspapers, in conversations with friends and colleagues, in music, in film, or on social media; whether they are in physical or virtual space, this event gives Zambians pride in telling their stories such as early child marriages and gender-based violence GBV through all means of art.

We are grateful to the artists that helped bring our own compositions to life live on stage. Soon in October, we will be releasing the music.


  1. A Calling Tale
  2. Wakula Buumba – Main Theme
  3. A poem based on the feature film with music
  4. Njila
  5. Hymn – Choir Theme
  6. My Village – Third Theme


1. Mufrika Edward – Kalimba/Vocal

2. Closby Chakawa Mandela – Vocal/Percussions

3. Sokosolo (Alick Mbewe/Banda) – Guitar/Percussions/Composer

4. Nyawa (Josephine Kachiza C.) – Vocal

5. Rexeller – Vocal

6. Sia the Piper (Clark Nchimunya Siachaba) – Flute/Percussions/Composer

7. Shimo – Bass Guitar

8. Baroque Mitolilo (Tom Chiponge) – Vocal/Clarinet/Composer/Producer

Special Thanks

Alliance Française of Lusaka

Maria Kristu Film Director/Producer – Paul Wilo Shawil

Maria Kristu Team

Sound Engineer – John Jacobs

Video and Photography – Led by Siyoto Akabana

Sound Recording – See Through Zed

Video Editing – See Through Zed

Ambassador Wine

  • Date
  • Time
    9:00 PM
  • Venue
    Club Number 2
  • Address
    Caroll Street 2/1
  • Phone
    (223) 326-1632
  • Email
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