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Inside Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story.

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Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story
Paul Wilo Shawil – Maria Kristu director and writer



Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story by Paul S Wilo

Film director and writer Paul S. Wilo in his recent film Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story connects film and music to tell a tale of a girl child who aspires to be a writer. Through film and music, the downside of old traditions and part of religions are explained, utilized to educate people on the consequences they bear on issues such as early child marriages, gender-based violence, and religious brainwashing.

“Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story is a story about a young girl who is 16 years old in the countryside of Siavonga aspiring to be a writer,” explains Wilo.

“But she can’t achieve her dream because the society or community where she comes from believe in certain ideologies that are very different from what she wants to do.

“The belief in that community is that the girls’ place in the world is beside her husband immediately she turns 16 years old or old enough to be married,” stated Wilo.

The story revolves around Buumba’s aspirations, and dream to be a writer with the desire to pursue more in her life.

The film further explores Buumba’s story to see how she overcomes the world full of gender stereotyping, favoritism, misogyny, abuse, and religious brainwash to become her own person.

In the climax of the film, Buumba liberates herself and fellow women from the shackles of gender-based violence, mental slavery by making her own choices and deciding to follow her path.

Local writers and actors taking the lead

Dyness Daisy Lungu played the lead role of Buumba and was nominated at the Sonigui academy award for best lead actress southern Africa for Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story in Burkina Faso.

Gatawa T. Sunday played the lead supporting role as the husband to Buumba. Gatawa has featured in several films, stage plays, TV commercials, TV series ranging from beads from the dust, Broken, on canvas (IMDb listed,), WOUNDED (for Sotambe Film Festival), Maria Kristu, Mirrors, Amooye, Zuba, and Mungoma, the church just to mention a few.

And the writer and director of the film Paul. S. Wilo is an award-winning independent filmmaker from Zambia. He led and brought the Maria Kristu cast and crew together to bring a magnificent work of art to life and on the big screen.

International Recognitions

Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story premiered on October 2nd, 2021 at Nu Metro Cinema, Arcades, Lusaka, and has been selected and featured on various international film festivals.

Cannes World Film Festival – Best African Film

Cannes World Film Festival – Best director Indie Feature Film

Cannes World Film Festival – Best Indie Feature

Universal Awards in Nigeria – Foreign Language Film – Winner

Black Star International Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection

Durban International Film Festival – Official Selection

Maria Kristu Soundrack

The main soundtracks of the Maria Kristu film were composed by Mitolilo. Tom Chiponge aka Baroque Mitolilo produced and composed the main themes of the film.


Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story Film – Trailer 

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