Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story music soundtrack










Music Album art work

About the music

Wakula is a music album produced by Tom Chiponge based on the Zambian film, Maria Kristu: The Buumba Story.

This haunting traditional, jazz, blues and folk ballad themed music features numerous local talented artists and one of the songs in the album tells a tale of a young girl ‘Buumba’ who hopes and dreams to one day make more of her life in a difficult community that believes a woman’s place is only with a husband.

“Nga Zifunilo Nzangu Neo Amama, Kuba Dotolo, Kapena Mupunzisi,” sings Nyawa in Wakula the main theme.

Traditional, jazz, blues and folk audiences can enjoy this six track Maria Kristu soundtrack album on various streaming sites.



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