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Mitolilo Jam Session2021


As 2020 came to an end, there has been a lot of change and transformation in the way we interact and socialize, virtual concerts and events being the means to connect with fans. The founders of Mitolilo Clark Nchimunya Siachaba (Sia the Piper) and Tom Chiponge (Baroque Mitolilo) decided to create an online social event called Mitolilo Jam Session.

The jam sessions are for local talented musicians, who tell their music stories through the informal platform to freely express themselves and the experiences of living in the new norm.

“Hello dear friends we are delighted to invite you to our 2021 Mitolilo interactive jams, which will be a recurring event every month of the third week Thursday,” Said Clark Siachaba.

“We believe through the Jam sessions, every artist can express their ideas, share with others, and encourage others to grow and develop their art.” “We hope to see you all very soon for a live jam, but at the moment let’s enjoy from the comfort of our homes through our social media online platforms,” he added.

Every third week of the month on Thursdays, Mitolilo in partnership with Alliance Française of Lusaka (AFL) has been sharing on social media the Mitolilo Jam Session at 19PM Central African Time.

The Jam Sessions started early January 2021 and has featured various musicians.

African Flute Sia the Piper

Sia  the Piper 

– Clark N. Siachaba


“Music plays a very big role in bringing people together. It’s known as the universal language.”

Clarinet in Africa - Tom Chiponge

Baroque Mitolilo

-Tom Chiponge

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