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Clark Nchimunya Siachaba
Clark Nchimunya Siachaba in a studio session



The Zambian Flute Choir (ZFC) is Zambia’s first-ever initiative aimed at identifying and bringing together young emerging flutists in the local community.

“I’m excited to share with everyone that am working on a project called The Zambian Flute Choir, basically just trying to identify and bring together young emerging flutists in local communities. Idea is to undertake workshops and a concert,” said Nchimunya Clark Siachaba.

In November, Siachaba provided a four-week intensive training to local aspiring flute musicians. The training focused on technique, expression, and improvisational skills, among other areas of musicianship which later was sealed with a performance by the whole group.

“Working with these amazing flutists just made me realise how much-untapped talent and potential we have in our local communities. Working with these artists, I Was inspired by their passion, determination, and desire to learn, “he stated on his Facebook page.

“Many thanks to all the people and artists including Laura Austin and institutions including Alliance Francaise, See Through Zed that supported and made this inaugural initiative possible by all means,” added Siachaba.

ZFC is a unique opportunity for young music talents to be exposed to stage performance, musical preparedness, and the sharing of artistic skills while being part of a team and community.

Siachaba has since called on all flute players in Zambia either professional or just starting to use the choir as a platform for sharing knowledge.

Watch the live performance by Zambia Flute Choir


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